Feeling valued is incredibly important to anybody. Although many employers think that this is not their responsivity and employees should simply get on with the job they’re paid to do, most workers need a pat on their backs in order to feel fully satisfied with their work.

An investigation into the importance of feeling appreciated in the workplace was recently carried out to prove this was the case. The investigation involved creating two groups of workers and putting them to work, group A was given a motivational speech by their supervisor before working, in group B the supervisor said nothing. When assigning both groups with the same work it was found that by the end of the day group A accomplished significantly more than group B.


How Can You Make Employees Feel Valued?

Employees need to feel acknowledged and valued in their work environment. Something as simple as showing appreciation for a great days work can be a fundamental piece in improving employees motivation and subsequently their work output. It is the job of leaders to create a positive workplace, creating a caring atmosphere will increase loyalty and help employers get more out of their workforce. Here are some of the biggest factors employers need to consider in order to make employers feel valued:

Reasonable Pay

Making sure your employees are paid correctly is incredibly important as no matter how inclusive and caring you make your environment if you are underpaying your staff chances are there won’t be much you can do to create motivation and trust from your workforce. In the event that you don’t know the amount you should pay your workers, there are a great deal of online resources that can assist you. You can utilise these resources to work out how much a worker at either at each level in your organisation should be getting.

Increasing your workers’ pay will immediately make them feel appreciated and acknowledged which will inspire them to work harder.

Discussions With Employees

You should always look to have regular one on one discussions with your employees. This doesn’t have to be everyday but setting aside sometime to let them voice their opinions whilst also giving insights into how you think they’re doing is a great way to inspire motivation.

Get some answers concerning whether they’re fully satisfied working at your company and whether there is anything they could change to make them feel more appreciated within the company.

Having a progressing discussion with your employees about their work causes them to feel like a valued member of the team and thus improve job satisfaction.

Listen To Your Workers

Make space workers feel confident to voice their opinions on issues. Regardless of whether it is an issue about a specific task or worries about the work environment, be prepared to listen to them and take on board their opinion. Neglecting to listen to what your employers are telling you can cause job dissatisfaction which can result in decreased productivity and resignations from key members of your team.

You can get their perspectives during one-to-one discussions, group gatherings, or even reviews on the workplace.

Month to month meetings that involve talking about worker issues is also a great idea and can help identify change to the workplace that benefits everyone working within it.

Objectives and Vision

A great way of dealing with dissatisfactions in the workplace can be creating objectives and visions for teams so a sense of accomplishment in their work can regularly be achieved. Outline these objectives at the start of projects so employees can set their own personal targets and feel accomplished when those targets are met.

How you convey these types of objectives often depends on the size and nature of the business but are great for helping your employees feel more accomplished in their work.

Reward and Commend Achievements

Set up rewards for your employees this can be something like worker of the month or worker of the year which includes incentives such as bonuses and vouchers.

This will encourage employees to work that extra bit harder and show that the company has rewards in place for those how show the commitment to the cause.